Why Christmas Nativities Are Important For Children

Posted by admin - October 27th, 2020

nativity-play-1Christmas is coming soon, and children and parents all around the UK already preparing for this year’s school nativity play.

Pretty much everyone knows the nativity story, this is always a great opportunity for the little ones and the adults to celebrate the story of Christmas.

And what better way could there be to celebrate Christmas than with a play! A nativity play is one of the best ways to teach the kids the biblical story.

A play educates and teaches about culture and spirituality, all in a fun and highly enjoyable way! Some writers at Out Of The Ark have been writing nativities for more than three decades. “It is always something special to  see that everyone’s working total together. This isn’t just supporting that the kids are building friendships and community. Participating in the play can help their confidence, and, after all it’s just a whole lot of fun that everyone’s looking forward to the entire year! Most children are remembering the songs for a long time even after the show is over and done with.”

If you have always considered a Christmas nativity for your Sunday church group or school, but for some reason have shied back because you thought it may involve too much work, well, don’t fret as it’s much easier than you may think!

At Out Of The Ark can find a plethora of nativity scripts, from simple and easy for smaller groups to large plays with many singers and actors. Check them out this Christmas and bring a whole lot of joy to the little ones and adults alike with a nativity play!

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