Great Holidays Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Posted by admin - March 10th, 2016

simple but great camper van“All good things come with a price” is one of those preconceived notions a lot of us believe in. Yet, if you look closer it may at times turn out that this is nothing but a myth.

You don’t need to purchase a expensive luxury car to have fun getting around, your home doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be happy and the same is true when travel.

In fact, traveling “on the cheap” can sometimes be a much better and more exciting option than traveling in a way like everyone else does.  The average Joe may just book the very same hotel anyone else does, at the same, overcrowded tourist spots. But for me this is not only boring and unnecessarily expensive.

The last three years we went “camping”, that is we rented a nice camper van to get around in Europe and I have to say those have been some of the best exciting holidays. If we are talking camper vans, there is a good variety available today, from a simple VW camper with the bare necessities to incredibly luxurious camper vans that may even make your own home blush.

Some of the vans we took a look at come with everything this includes ridiculous luxuries such as  golden bathroom fixtures, imported marble, big-screen TVs and whatever else you could even wish for.

In other words, camping today means that you can have the same if not more luxury than in a hotel.

For the average family, a medium-sized camper van with a number of beds, a kitchen fridge and so forth may be all that you need for your next holiday trip.

Here is a very interesting thing for you to do : Calculate your expenses that you would otherwise have if you where to book into costly hotels and would need to dine out in restaurants during your holidays. If you get a camper van, you don’t need to worry about those expenses. Three or four years holidays would be plenty of money saved that you can even purchase your very own camper van instead.

And the best thing of camping is of course that you have unlimited liberty to go places whenever you want, places that those folks who stay in average hotels will likely never ever see! For more information about camping today I recommend to see a trusted local VW Camper van hire. A great holiday does not have to cost a fortune.

For the best places to go in Europe, check the European Federation of Campingsite Organisations and Holiday Park Associations website too!

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