If You Want To See The UK – A Tip

Posted by admin - September 19th, 2016

Horse-Racing-TravelThe United Kingdom sure has a lot to offer if you like to travel a lot like my family does.

But if you’re like me and many others, you’re not really interested in all those overrun tourist attractions.

For me, travel means that I want to get close up and personal with the land and the people wherever we travel to.

Since sports is big in our family and we are also big into horses and horse racing, we figured out a good plan about how to go on our travels.

What we do, we plan our travel routes so we can visit all the great horse race tracks that are almost anywhere in the UK! This is a fantastic way to get to know the land and the people while we have a lot of fun and excitement at all those various tracks!

Since there are 59 race tracks in the UK today you won’t have a problem getting around and can plan wonderful travel routes.

What’s more, from our experience traveling the United Kingdom you should also not have a problem to find wineries and other cool places close-by. Especially around the cost such as in Devon you can find plenty of bars, pubs and wineries that offer local foods and drinks. Highly recommended.

Don’t waste a nice vacation visiting “touristy places” that anyone else goes to!

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